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    Implications on pastus+ audits

    In order to meet the requirements for containing the pandemic as best as possible, AMA-Marketing takes the topic of inspections and the associated hygiene measures to be taken very seriously.

    It is therefore possible under the current circumstances, that documents, which are normally viewed by the auditor during the on-site audit, are checked in the form of a remote audit. A company visit will be rescheduled within three months after the remote audit. For this, the auditors were requested by AMA-Marketing to comply with all necessary hygiene measures.

    If pastus+ audits cannot be carried out under the current circumstances, please contact us!

    pastus+ Gate-Keeper-Regulation

    New annex to the pastus+ guidelines

    The Annex 2 to the pastus+ guidelines „Requirements for the purchase of non-certified feed (Gate-Keeper-Regulation)“ comes into force with March 2020 instead of the “sampling for release” (in German Freiprobung).


    The Annex 2 is valid for the AMA-Feedstuff Guidelines pastus+ as well as for the pastus+ Regulation for Small Quantities.


    The requirements have to be met, if feed or former foodstuff are purchased from companies, who are not registered in the pastus+ system.



    AMA-Feed Monitoring pastus+

    New annex to the pastus+ guidelines

    The "AMA-Feed Monitoring pastus+" will take effect in January 2020 instead of the pastus+ sampling plans.

    The previous appendices 1 to 4 of the AMA-Feedstuff Guideline pastus+ as well as annex 1 of the pastus+ Regulation for Small Quantities will be replaced by the new monitoring.


    AMA-Feed Monitoring pastus+

    Notification of changes

    By licensees

    Amendments of contractually relevant data must be reported to AMA-Marketing by means of form. The completed and signed form can be sent by e-mail, post or fax. 

    The following amendments have to be reported:

    • change of company name
    • added or omitted business operation functions
    • added or omitted business establishments
    • change of the authorised signatory
    • change of turnover and employees
    • change of certification system
    • change of certification body
    • change of guideline

    Labelling of feed

    Note the differences

    Compound feed that has been produced according to the requirements of the pastus+ system is labelled with "pastus+ AMA-Gütesiegel-tauglich" in accordance with the relevant product. In contrast, feed materials are labelled with "pastus+".

    The symbols and icons are available on request from your assigned point of contact: futtermittel(at)

    Pastus+ folder and poster

    Advertising for feed business operators

    In order to strengthen the importance of feed of high quality and safety, AMA-Marketing provides information on the pastus+ quality assurance system for distribution to feed customers.

    The info-folder should also increase awareness of the link between the AMA-Quality Seal and the pastus+ quality assurance system at AMA-Quality Seal farmers.

    We are happy to send you info-folders and A2 posters on request.

    International Database Transport for Feed

    Requirements for cleaning regimes

    International cooperation is highly conducive in the transport of animal feed. AMA-Marketing is an official member of the International Committee for Road Transport (ICRT) since March 2016. The seven members of the committee strive for the standardisation of the requirements for the transport of bulk animal feed with the aim of feed safety.


    The cleaning regimes and further information can be found at


    NEWS: Newsletter 02/2020

    Permitted Feed

    EU-catalogue of feed materials and German Positive List

    In the pastus+ system, only feed listed in Regulation (EU) No. 2017/1017 catalogue of feed materials may be used. In addition, the use of feed listed in the German Positive List (Deutsche Positivliste) is also permitted. Furthermore, for the labelling of feed with "pastus+ AMA-Gütesiegel-tauglich", the negative list of AMA-Marketing must be complied with.


    German Positive List

    EU catalogue of feed materials 

    Negative list

    Feed delivery note for farmers

    Version as of 2018

    The feed delivery note is intended to serve farmers as documentation for the purchase and sale of animal feed.

    It is available on the homepage of AMA-Marketing and can be saved as a pdf and filled in directly on the PC before printing.


    Feed delivery note


    ICRT-Newsletter 2-2020
    AMA Feedstuff Guidelines pastus+
    pastus+ Regulation for Small Quantities
    Registration form pastus
    Negative List Version October 2017 Englisch
    Checklist Module AMA Quality Seal

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